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Monoski .... wintersports for everyone!

The monoski has arrived on the market. It offers handicapped people unimagined freedom, fun, action and joy in the wintery landscape.

The Monoski

The monoski is a very wide ski with parallel mounted bindings. For people on wheel chairs a seat will be mounted on this bindings which stabilizes the legs and secures the position of the body on the ski. The monoski is steered by poles and movements of the upper body, therefore you must be able to move your arms, you should be able to hold things with a firm grip and your upper body should be stable. Your knees and hips should have flexion.


The Alpbach ski region is ideal for Monoskiers

The Alpbach ski region is ideal for Monoskiers. Assistance will be given to get into the cabins if required, please ask when you buy your ticket.

The Alpbach and Inneralpbach Ski and Snowboarding school offers special courses for monoskiers ( beginners and intermediates )

In combination with our “barrier-free” holiday apartments this offers you an attractive opportunity to spend an active holiday.